M.Sc. (New Media)

Level – Postgraduate

Duration – 2 years

Seats – 15

Eligibility – Applicants must be graduates in any discipline from a recognised university.

About the Programme

The increasing scope of new media in the fast emerging digital world and the new media organisations’ requirement for online media specialists to engage audiences has led to the need for shaping up of this course in media education. The course structure is framed in a way that will provide an environment for students to create, deliver and present contents for online medium.

Course objectives

  • To instil a sound knowledge and understanding of media language and its iterations on different media platforms.
  • To develop an understanding of current methodology as it is embodied in media and communication practices.
  • To provide hands-on training in interactive multi multimedia design and development through practical modules.

If you are creative, dynamic, have a good command over language and wish to use technology for new media content production & communication, then this course is for you.

Career path you can choose after the course

  • Online News Producer
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Online Journalist
  • Technical Editor
  • Social Media Content Generator
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Visualize
  • New Media Researcher
  • Entrepreneur


Dr. Sunita Dwivedi
Associate Professor and Head
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 19 years
Area of Specialisation: Data Analytics, Mobile Computing, Machine Learning
Dr. P. Sasikala
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 23 years
Area of Specialisation: New Media Technology with particular focus on Content Design, Data Analytics, Social Media Research
Dr. Babita Agrawal
Sr. Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD & M.Phil
Experience: 22 years
Area of Specialisation: Multimedia Communication & Technology, New Media Research & Web Communication
Manoj Kumar Dhurvey
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Tech (CS)
Experience: 9 years
Area of Specialisation – Computer Science
Dr. Pawan Singh Malik
Sr. Assistant Professor
Qualification: UGC-NET, PhD, M.Phil.
Experience: 11 years
Area of Specialisation: New Media Technology, Mass Communication, and Electronic Media
Abhishek Pandey
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Tech (Print & Graphic Communication)
Experience: 6 years
Area of Specialisation: Printing, Graphics, and Packaging