Bachelor of Arts in English Journalism (Honors/Research) [BA(EJ) (H/R)]

Level – Under Graduate

Duration – 4 years (8 semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

Passed Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (10+2) from recognized board in any stream.

About the Programme

B.A. in English Journalism in an NEP based degree program meant for undergraduate students, that offers students an opportunity to study English literature and language, with a special focus on English Journalism. This program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of English Language in main stream media and News industry. This program equips them with the required skills to pursue a career in English content writing and fields pertaining to media. Students will learn about various aspects of Journalism, such as news reporting, feature writing, editing, basic audio-visual communication, media ethics and laws. They will also study English literature and language courses including famous authors and their works, Poetry, Drama, Linguistics and Literary criticism.

Course objective

  • To help students to communicate effectively in spoken and written discourses through the study of English content wiring.
  • To equip them with training patterns in English media platforms.
  • To familiarize the students with the working patterns of different media platforms worldwide.
  • To provide the theoretical knowledge about aspects of English literature and enable to focus on creating own content and interpretation.
  • To improve and enhance their English journalistic writing skills necessary for professional development.
  • To provide understanding, skills and professional knowledge about how English language works in media communication.
  • To make them capable to identify the cultural and historical significance of English literature in journalism.
  • To equip them to work in today’s multi-platform digital media environment.
  • To enable them to apply the skills as journalist as well as communication experts in different fields.
  • To identify, analyses, interpret and describe critical ideas, theme, values that consist of literary and media text.
  • To develop journalistic approach and capability to work as an individual researcher through the study of English and also to critically evaluate the work of others.

Career path you can choose after the course

  • Journalist/Editorial Assistant- Reporters and Correspondents.
  • Copy Writer/Script Writer/ Technical Writer.
  • Content Writer/Strategist/Communication Specialist.
  • Social Media Editor/Web Writer/Social Media Manager.
  • Blog and Feature Writer.
  • Author/Novelist.
  • Vloggers/Travelogue Writer/Story tellers.
  • Film/Art Critics/Food Critics.
  • News Anchor/Announcer/Speech Writer.
  • Content Creator/Political Campaign Manager.


Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
Head of Department
Qualification: PhD (Broadcast Journalism), Master in Communication & Public Relations, MA (English), MA (Hindi), MA (Sociology), Hons. Dip. in Film & T.V. production technology.
Experience: 28 years (24 Years Teaching and 4 years Professional).
Area of Specialization: Electronic Media, Media Research, Broadcast Journalism, T.V. Production.
PhD Supervision: 10 Candidates.
Dr. Satendra Dehariya
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.J., PhD (Mass Communication), UGC NET.
Experience: 20 years (10 Years Teaching and 10 years Professional)
Area of Specialization: Print Journalism.
Lokendra Singh Rajput
Senior Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.J.M.C. and UGC NET.
Experience: 16 years (10 Years Teaching and 6 years Professional).
Area of Specialization: News Writing, Editing and Print Production.
Dr. Ranjan Singh
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.J., PhD (Journalism).
Experience: 23 years (18 Years Teaching and 05 Years Professional).
Area of Specialization: Print Journalism.
PhD Supervision: 02 Candidates.