MCU Training Academy:

The Training Academy at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication for professionals serves a crucial role in enhancing the skills and competencies of individuals working within the media industry, government and nongovernmental media handling institutions. At MCU, our training and development programs are designed in such a way they are result-driven, producing targeted and tangible results for the organizations. The Academy actively conducts Orientation, Skill up gradation, offers training modules and workshops in Public Relations, Journalism,  New Media, Computer Sciences and other expertise of the university.

 Here are some of the key functions of our academy:

  1. Skill Development: The primary function of our training academy  is to provide professionals with opportunities to develop and refine their skills. This includes training in areas such as Journalism, Broadcasting, Digital media production, Editing, Photography, Public Relations, Short Film making and storytelling.
  2. Industry Knowledge: Media landscapes are constantly evolving with new technologies, trends, and practices. Our training academy keeps professionals updated with the latest industry knowledge, including emerging platforms, audience preferences, and ethical considerations.
  3. Technical Training: Media professionals often require proficiency in various technical tools and software. At MCU,  training academy offers modules and workshops to help individuals master these tools, whether it’s video editing software, graphic design programs, or content management systems.
  4. Ethical Guidelines: Media professionals must adhere to ethical standards and guidelines while reporting, producing content, or engaging with audiences. MCU training academy educates professionals on ethical considerations, such as accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  5. Media Literacy: In today’s digital age, media literacy is essential for both media professionals and consumers. MCU training academy teaches professionals how to critically analyze media content, identify biases, assess credibility, and navigate the complexities of the media landscape.
  6. Customized Training Programs: Every media professional may have unique training needs based on their role, experience level, and career goals. MCU  training academy offers customized training programs or workshops tailored to specific job functions or areas of interest of the media and other communication organizations and associations.
  7. Continuing Education: Learning is a lifelong process, especially in fast-paced industries like media. This training academy offers continuing education opportunities for professionals to stay relevant, adapt to changes, and pursue career growth throughout their careers.

The University in the past have been conducting offline and online Public Relations Professionals training workshops for many years now as per our University act and as per the MP State Govt. Mandate.

Overall, our training academy plays a vital role in equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework needed to succeed in today’s dynamic media landscape.

Recent Activities:

  • Conducted two days workshop on Skill Upgradation for working journalists of State Press Club, M P. in February.
  • Conducted Digital Technology Upgradation workshop for Journalists of Media Sanghthan, Chindwara.

Some more under progress are:

  1. Sent proposal for training workshop for M.P Journalists working in association with Directorate of PR, Bhopal.
  2. Sent proposal to Department of Information, Gujarat Government for training workshop on Film making and Digital Technology for journalists (as per their enquiry)Top of Form.