Information is the bloodline of the future. It lies at the core of research, and forms of mainstay of learning. MCNUJC ensures that students have access to wide sources of information. The well- stocked library has a wealth of information on varied subjects. The library has OPAC facility, with information of around 43,000 books on wide range of subjects from media and communication to public relations and information technology.

The library is equipped with e-books, online journals, magazines, periodicals and newspapers, national digital library facility for the students. A total of forty national and regional newspapers are regularly subscribed to and are kept in the library archive for media and communication studies for students. Apart from this, 100 subject-specific magazines as well as those useful for competitive examinations are also made available. The library has a huge collection of research journals on Media and Communication, IT and Computers. The University has the membership of more than sixty research journals like Asia Pacific Media Educator, Journalism, Journal of Communication, Vidura, PR Communication Age, South Asian Journal of Socio- Political Studies, etc.

To aid the progress of media related research, the library has developed an archive for newspaper clippings on 300 specific subjects and has been regularly updating it. In order to improve reading habit amongst students, an award is given every year to a student who spends the maximum time reading in the library. Besides the main library, each teaching department also has its own library with books, periodicals and journals.