Health and Medical Facilities in University

The University’s new 50 acre picturesque campus has been provided with necessary medical facilities keeping in mind the current health scenario. The following health care facilities are provided to the employees and students of the University to protect their essential health interests.

Dhanwantari Chikitsalaya:

A basic healthcare center in the University campus is operated by the University administration. In this health center run by the name Dhanwantari Chikitsalaya, along with first aid and various treatment services, expert dentists are also available for consultation at the stipulated time and period.

Consultation and Treatment:

Health center provides Consultation and Treatment (OPD and IPD) under Allopathic, Ayurveda and Homeopathy with 8 beds. For this, all services here are managed by the University administration. From time to time, the administration organizes special medical camps and lectures by various medical Experts and Doctors for health and medical awareness of the employees, residents and students of the University Campus.

Group Health Insurance:

Going a step further, to ensure health security in University family, a group health scheme has been offered by the University administration for its batches, in which 80% of the premium amount is borne by the University. Many university employees have benefited from this health insurance scheme in the last six years. It was of great support during Covid-19 pandemic.

Reduce 75% Medical expense under CGHS:

To ensure reduced the medical expenses of staff and students of the University, the University administration provides treatment under CGHS (NABH-CGHS) rates in more than 2 dozen reputed hospitals and medical colleges. The University has made contract/ MoU with hospitals and medical colleges in this regard. This contract provides the University with a discount of approximately 60% to 70% on its medical costs to staff and medical students.