There are 9 Academic Departments for different programmes in the University:

  1. Department of Electronic Media.
  2. Department of Computer Science and Applications.
  3. Department of Journalism.
  4. Department of Management.
  5. Department of Mass Communication.
  6. Department of New Media Technology.
  7. Department of Advertising and Public Relations.
  8. Department of Communication Research.
  9. Department of Library & Information Science.
S.No. Department Courses Offered Head of the Department
1. Department of Electronic Media M.A. Broadcast Journalism [MA(BJ)]
M.Sc. Electronic Media[M.Sc(EM)]
B.Sc. Electronic Media [B.Sc(EM)]
Dr. Shrikant Singh
Phone No: (0755)-2574512
2. Department of Computer Science and Applications Master of Computer Applications [MCA]
Master of Science (Information & Cyber Security) [MSc(ICS)]
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA]
Dr. C.P. Agrawal 
Phone No:(0755)-2768274
3. Department of Journalism Master of Arts (Journalism) [MA(J)]
Master of Arts (Digital Journalism) [MA(DJ)]
B.A. [Journalism and Creative Writing]
Dr. Rakhi Tiwari
Phone No:(0755)-2574530
4. Department of Management Master of Business Administration (Media Business Management) [MBA(MBM)]
Bachelor of Business Administration (E-Commerce) [BBA:EC]
Bachelor of Commerce in Management (Honors)
Dr. Avinash Bajpai
Phone No:(0755)-2552998
5. Department of Mass Communications Master of Arts (Mass Communication) [MA(MC)]
Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)
Dr. Aashish Joshi
Phone No: 0755-2579348
6. Department of New Media Technology Master of Science (New Media)  [MSc(NM)]
Bachelor of Technology (Printing & Packaging) [B.Tech(PP) 4 Years  Lateral Entry 3 Years
Bachelor of Science (Multimedia) [BSc(MM)] (Honors)
Bachelor of Science (Graphics & Animation) [BSc(GA)]
Dr. P. Sasikala
Phone No:(0755)-2554910
7. Department of Advertising and Public Relations Master of Arts (Advertising & Public Relations) [MA(APR)]
Master of Science (Film Production) [M.Sc.:FP]
Bachelor of Arts (Advertising & Public Relations) [BA(APR)] (Honors)
Dr. Pavitra Shrivastava
Phone No:(0755)-2574516
8. Department of Communication Research Master of Science (Media Research) [M.Sc (MR)]
Master of Philosophy (Media Studies) [M.Phil (MS)]
Ph.D Media Studies.
Dr. Monika Verma
Phone No:(0755)-2574528
9. Department of Library & Information Science Master of (Library & Information Sciences) [M(LIS)]
Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences [BLIS]
Dr. Arti Sarang
Phone No: