Bachelor of Science in Film & Communication Studies (Honors/Research) [(BSc(FCS) (H/R)]

Level – Graduate Programme
Duration – 4 years, (8 semesters)
Structure – 3+1 years (Multiple Entry/Exit options)

Completion of First Year: Certificate in Film & Communication Studies (36 Credits)

Completion of Second Year: Diploma in Film & Communication Studies (80 Credits)

Completion of Third Year: B.Sc. : Film & Communication Studies (3 Years) (120 Credits)

Completion of Fourth Year: B.Sc. : Film & Communication Studies (Honors) (4 Years)(160 Credits)
B.Sc. : Film & Communication Studies (Research) (4 Years)(160 Credits)

Eligibility Criteria:

10+2 (any stream from recognized board).

About the Programme:

This Undergraduate Programmmes intrically designed for young aspirants of film design & thinking. The curriculum is a blend of theory & practice that equips students with required skill for the field. This three/four yearprogramme opens up the numerous career options of the industry & academic. Students can also apply for advanced specialized courses thereafter.

Programme Objectives:

  • To prepare students in the production aspects of Film, Television & New Media, as required by the present media environment all across globe.
  • To empower the students in the production & managerial aspects of the media business with due emphasis on latest production techniques, along with marketing and branding management of various media products and associated services.
  • To develop creative temperament and mindset needed in the content production segment of media industry.
  • To inculcate competencies thereby enabling to undertake professional work.
  • To provide an active industry interface by way of co‐learning.
  • To take the students through the entire pipe line of production process with regards to the content creation for various media pads, providing the students an insight in to the correlation that exists between content creation and associated commercial aspects of media business.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Good conceptual understanding of subjects including Communication, Film Production, Cinematography, Editing, Direction, Audiography & Research Methodology.
  • Research and Reasoning aptitude for any strategic communication planning and execution of Film & Communication Studies programs.
  • Creative and reflective thinking for ideation based on self learning& digital competency.
  • Analytical and problem solving skill for challenging situations of the profession.
  • Independently work with high competency and morality in Film Production in the roles of Script and Screenplay, Director and Researchers.

Career Opportunities:

  • Direction
  • Digital Media Expert
  • Film Communication
  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Advertisement Film Maker
  • Film Editor
  • Audiographer
  • Producer &Production Manager
  • Research Scriptwriting
  • Cinematographer


Dr. Pavitra Shrivastava
Professor and Head of Department
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 25 years
Area of Specialisation: Public Relations
Dr. Gajendra Singh Awasya
Senior Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 15 years
Area of Specialisation: Film Production
Dr. Jaya Surjani
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 24 years
Area of Specialisation: Marketing and Advertising
Shri Tushar Bhonsle
Qualification: M.Sc.CS, M.Sc. Mathematics
Experience: 24 years
Area of Specialisation: Computer Science & Applications