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Media Mimansa is a blind peer review research journal published by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal. This is a quarterly research journal, published in bilingual Hindi /English, and accepts original research papers in all areas including Communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Management, Advertising, Public Relations and Computers. The aim of research journal is to bring original, useful and innovative research papers for enlightenment and promotion of researchers, policy regulators and communicator and media professionals. To maintain high quality standards in publication, research papers are selected from a prescribed format followed by blind Peer review for the journal. The review panel of the journal includes eminent media and communications experts and academicians of the country.

Purpose and Scope of the Journal

The main objective of the journal is to bring quality original research articles on various topics and dimensions related to communication and mass communication. The journal works to publish research in all areas of theoretical, applied / practical and policy-making etc. of the media sector. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for publishing articles written with a view of deep analytical research to the diverse perspectives and opinions of journalism, media and communication.

Publication frequency

The magazine is quarterly, with a normal frequency of publication of points in January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

Consulting – Editor in Chief:

  Prof. KG Suresh
  Vice chancellor


  1. Mr. Alok Mehta
  2. Prof. Amitabh Kodwani
  3. Shri Ravi Tekchandani
  4. Prof. Rajeev Dharskar

Board of Editors:


  1. Dr. Monika Verma (English)
  2. Dr. Rakhi Tiwari (Hindi)

Co-Editor (Associate Editors)

  1. Dr. Ramdin Tyagi (Hindi)
  2. Shri Lokendra Singh (Hindi)
  3. Dr. Urvashi Parmar (English)
  4. Ms. Manisha Verma (English)

Guidelines for Writers:

  • The aim of the research journal is to promote innovation and research in the current scenario on topics related to communication, media management, public news, new media, and journalism and computer applications.
  • The research paper sent for publication in the journal should be original and should not be published in any other journal or not in process of publication.
  • The author has to present the declaration form along with the research paper, clearly stating that the research paper is his/her original writing and not presented to others for publication. It is better that the research paper author attaches and submit the plagiarism report in relation to his/her research article.
  • Research paper should be in following format:

– Abstract, keywords, intero, objective, write of letter, hypothesis, research methodology, tables and graphs, research and analysis, conclusion, reference list.

–  M.S. Word, Paper Size A-4, Font Style Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Mater 1.5 should be margin space and justified and send your research article to

  • For the correspondence, the writer will have to submit the research paper as well as submit the bio data. In which information related to the title of the research paper, author’s name, designation, contact number, email ID and postal address will have to be provided.
  • The abstract of the research should be between 200-250 words. The main script should not contain footnotes. References should be given at the end of the research paper. References should be listed sequentially.
  • Tables and figures should be numbered sequentially in the research paper and the source must be mentioned at the end of each table and data.
  • The author will be responsible for the factual error and copyright mentioned in the research paper.


The membership of the quarterly research journal Media Mimamsa will be as per following rules:-

  • Single Copy Rs. 100/- Single Copy (Annually) Rs. 350/-

For the students and researchers:

  • A counter Rs. 75/- Annual Rs 200/-

For the Institutions:

  • Rs. 1,000/- (Membership Fee Yearly)

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