We must motivate children to participate in sports- Geetika Jakhar

Arjun Awardee in MCU online lecture series ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’

Bhopal, 22nd June, 2020: Eminent wrestler and Arjun Award recipient, Geetika Jakhar called upon parents to motivate their children to participate in sports. Even if they do not make sports as a profession, they must play a game along with studies. If children participate in games, they perform better in studies as well.

Sushri Jakhar was addressing online lecture series ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’, organized by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University, Bhopal, on ‘Sports and Media’ today. She said that in the 21st century, there is no disparity between boys and girls. Girls should be encouraged to participate in sports. She said that when players hoist the flag of their country after winning abroad, the happiness and satisfaction they get cannot be achieved by anything else.

She said that wrestling is not a male-dominated sport. Women players are also coming forward. Both female and male players get equal facilities and sponsorship and the Indian Wrestling Federation treats both in a similar manner. Movies based on sports personalities motivate people for sports. On a query, she replied that media give equal importance to all sports. Our country is a cricket lover, but if we give similar importance and encouragement to other sports, they will also get a boost.

Sharing her experiences, she said that her father motivated to take part in any sports activity. She won Arjun Award thanks to media which highlighted her matter as Wrestling Federation had not sent her name for the award even after she won a silver medal in Asian Games in 2006. It was the Haryana government that recommended her name to the Government of India for the award.

She said that the government has taken the right steps during Covid 19 crisis. Sportspersons are practicing at home, to remain fit.

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