Don’t write in haste, do proper investigation and research: Prof KG Suresh

VC of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University interacts with students on ‘Media: Past, Present and Future’

Bhopal, 04 November, 2020: Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Prof. K.G. Suresh today called upon media students to develop the habit of writing and reading daily.

‘Whatever you write, you must write with responsibility. Don’t write in haste, do proper investigation and research,’ the Vice Chancellor said in an informal talk with students on ‘Media: Past, Present and Future’.

Vice Chancellor Prof Suresh said, to educate and aware the society is the prime duty of journalism. Objective of Gandhi Ji’s journalism was to bring change in the society. Today, media has been polarized which is not good for society and the media itself. We should be pro-public. A journalist is always a neutral umpire.

He said, commercialization of media has reduced the importance of editor. Media today is facing the crisis of credibility due to fake content. It is the responsibility of media students to stop fake content and make the society aware of it.

In this online lecture, the Vice Chancellor said, teachers from Bhopal campus of the University will visit Khandwa and Rewa campus to share their expertise with students.  Classes will soon begin in the new campus. Open class culture will be implemented. National medium museum will also be set up and community radio will be launched for students. News letter will also be published.

Tips to media students:

  • Journalism has a bright future. Students should enhance their skills.
  • Demand in vernacular journalism will increase.
  • Today Media needs multi-tasking people.
  • We should be technology savvy along with command over language and writing skills.