Media should report also positive aspects: Chief Minister Shri Chouhan

Chief Minister Inaugurates International Web Conference on ‘Innovative Business Practices in Digital Era’ in MCU, Global Management Gurus share expertise

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CEO, MCM Prime (USA) Dr Mihalis Halkides delivers keynote address on Innovative Entrepreneurship Twizzle

Bhopal, 28th December, 2020: Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan today appealed media persons to report positive aspects of the society also. Positive news is also news. Positive news will create positive mindset. News should be based on facts and not on fake content. Digital journalism will be the future.

Shri Chouhan was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the three-day international web conference on ‘Innovative Business Practices in Digital Era’, organised by Department of Media Management of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal.

Shri Chouhan said Covid-19 taught us many lessons and amid crisis, we explored opportunities. There has been a revolution in online sector. The government not only informed people about the government schemes and programme, it also provided facilities to people through digital platforms. Calling upon media students to be technology savvy, the Chief Minister said that media students will have to be multi-tasking. Students passed out from Makhanlal Chaturvedi Journalism University will set new milestones of success in media sectors. He said, we should prepare journalists who serve the country considering the nation and public interest first and perform value based journalism.

Keynote speaker of the inaugural session, CEO, MCM Prime (USA) Dr Mihalis Halkides presented a research report based on World Bank data on ‘The IE Twizzle & 3 IR/4IR Industries & Markets: A promising future for humanity’. He said business practices having innovative approach will survive in third and fourth industrial revolution.  The scalability of the particular industry will depend on value-added services and features and its clubbing with digital platforms. Technology, electronic devices, computer and internet will play a major role in the success of business in 3 IR and 4 IR. We are in transition phase and moving from 2 IR to 3 IR. Industries will collaborate with each-other. Horizontal markets, co-opetition, not competition, co-create, co-capture values will dominate business models. He explained this phenomenon through S-Curve model in Innovation-Entrepreneurship (IE) Twizzle.

Presiding over the session, Vice Chancellor Prof KG Suresh said, digital media was earlier a fashion but now it has become part of the life. Everyone is using digital platforms. Started after demonetization, digital payment now has become part of business. Socialisation has become online. Digital era is going to continue with more aggressiveness.

Prof Suresh said, many sectors did not performed well during lockdown, but some sectors like education, technology & information technology did exceedingly well. India has been a great manpower supplier in software industry and after the government’s decision of ban some mobile applications, Indians came out quickly with alternative modes. We are the most innovative people in the world. People have reinvented themselves during the lockdown period. Viewership has shifted to OTT platforms. Digital technologies have been offering innovative and alternative business solutions. Although, there is a rise in cyber crimes, bullying and phishing due to increase in digital activities, digital literacy is important to ensure that our children do not become victim of this crime. Technology is important but it is not more important than content. Content was, is and will be king. If content is de-tasteful, against the society and the country and the larger interests, it is irrelevant.

Patron of the conference, Registrar and HoD, Dr Avinash Bajpai delivered welcome speech. Chairperson Dr Kanchan Bhatia presented the report. Co-convener Manisha Verma anchored the web conference. Convener Dr Kapil R Chandoriya proposed the vote of thanks. Research scholars presented their papers in technical sessions in the conference.