FDP in MCU on ‘Public Health and Evidence based Reporting’ 

Bhopal, 5 January, 2020: Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal and UNICEF shall be jointly organizing a faculty development programme on ‘Public Health and Evidence Based Reporting (Critical Appraisal Skill)’ on 06 January. Experts in the health and communication sectors from various parts of country are expected to join the event, which would primarily be organized for the faculty members of the university. The objective of the programme is to sensitize media educators on reporting health-related issues, especially misinformation and disinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Prof. K.G. Suresh, Vice-Chancellor, MCU, shall be chairing the event.

Senior journalist Sh. Pramod Joshi, Sh. Sanjay Abhigyan, Communication Officer, UNICEF, Ms. Sonia Sarkar, communication specialist and Mr. Anil Gulati are the key speakers.  

Media education institutions can play an important role in sensitizing the media educators and training them to communicate trustworthy and authentic information to the masses. This event has been organized for all the faculty members of the Bhopal, Rewa, Khandwa and Noida campuses of the university.  The programme shall be coordinated by Lal Bahadur Ojha. Similar events shall be planned for students and for media persons as well in the near future.