Expose fake content: VC Prof KG Suresh

Health journalism is responsible journalism: Pramod Joshi

Create positive environment in society: Shri Sanjay Dev

Provide right and credible information to readers: Shri Sanjay Abhigyan

Workshop on ‘Public Health and Evidence-Based Reporting’ organised by MCU and UNICEF

Bhopal, 19th January, 2020: Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Prof KG Suresh today said that media students should expose fake content. Training in health reporting is important for their career also.

Prof Suresh was addressing students’ workshop on ‘Public Health and Evidenced Based Journalism’ organised by the university and UNICEF. Students of Rewa, Khandwa, Noida and Bhopal campuses participated in the workshop.

Chairing the inaugural session, Vice Chancellor Prof Suresh said a lot of misinformation and fake content has gone viral and created sensation. Official version should be incorporated to ensure accuracy of the content. Negative news especially related with health sector causes long-term impact. We should cover positive aspects. Students should do evidence-based reporting. Underlining the credibility of print media, Prof Suresh explained the gate-keeping theory. This training for evidence-based reporting should be imparted to district level correspondents. Similar workshop will be held on January 29 for working journalists and photographers, he said.

Resource person and senior journalist Shri Sanjay Dev said information has flooded in the Covid-19 pandemic period. We should cross-check them before they reach public. We have responsibility to correct misinformation, disinformation and rumours and create positive environment in society. We should provide only useful information.

Senior journalist Shri Pramod Joshi said health reporting is now specialised field. A reporter of health beat should have knowledge of Critical Appraisal Skills (CAS).  The report should be accurate, clear and objective.

Senior journalist and resource person Shri Sanjay Abhigyan said that health reporting involves risk too as fake content can cause death instead of saving life. Media students should provide factual, credible and accurate information.

Senior Assistant Professor Shri LB Ojha coordinated the workshop. Registrar Prof Avinash Bajpai, Academic Mentor Dr Manikanthan Nair and programme coordinator Ankit Pandey were present. The workshop was live-streamed on Facebook for students of Associated Studies Centres and students of Noida, Rewa and Khandwa campuses.