Replica of Brahmos Missile to be installed in new campus of MCU

R & D will increase revenue and employment: Dr Sudhir Kumar Mishra

MCU will launch courses on science communication: Prof KG Suresh

Bhopal, 9th March, 2021: A replica of Brahmos Missile will be installed in New Campus of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication at Bishankheri. Announcement in this regard was made by CEO & MD of Brahmos Aerospace Dr Sudhir Kumar Mishra today in an online programme, on National Science Day. Vice Chancellor Prof KG Suresh said, this replica will reflect expectations and hope of the University.

Addressing the programme, Dr Mishra said, supersonic Brahmos Missile is the most modernized and true reflection of self reliant India. The project launched with investment of Rs 1001 crore had a turn-over of Rs 40,000 crore today and is providing employment to 20,000 people. It has generated a revenue of Rs 4000 crore for the government. Emphasising on the need of expanding R & D sector, Dr Mishra said, it will create jobs and generate revenue for the government. Research and Development sector started 70 years ago, is now matured enough.

The programme was organised under the joint agis of MCU, NISCAIR & MAPCOST. Keynote speaker of the programme, director of CSIR Dr Ranjana Agrawal said, science and technology sector of India performed excellently during Covid 19 period and it shows that India can lead the world. Senior scientist Shri Arvind Ranade said, there is need to increase scientific temper and research in India.

Chairing the session, Vice Chancellor Prof KG Suresh said, we should inculcate scientific temper. Science and technology has a great role in education and skill development. The country did not produce PPE kit and ventilators before Covid-19 period but we are exporting them today. Vaccine produced by India was supplied to many countries.  Prof Suresh said, the university will launch certificate programme in science communication. Coordinator Dr Rakesh Pandey conducted the programme. Registrar Dr Avinash Bajpai proposed the vote of thanks. Teachers and students of different campuses of the University and Associated Study Centres were connected with the programme online as well.