Human Body is able to produce quintillion unique antibodies: Dr. Rao

Communication gap between scientists and journalists should be bridged: Prof Suresh

Special awareness programme held on ‘Covid 19 and importance of food’ in MCU

Bhopal, 23rd May, 2021: Scientist from New York, Dr Shrinivasa K Rao said, human body is very rare and is able to produce quintillion unique anti-bodies. At present, we are only one species which is fighting for their life from Covid1-19 virus. This is a war between virus and man.

Dr Rao was addressing special awareness programme on ‘Covid 19 and importance of food’ on the occasion of International Bio Diversity Day, organised by Science and Technology Cell of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, and Vigyan Bharati. Dr Rao said, Covid 19 has given new horizon to fight with virus and other pathogens. A human body can stock 320,000 viruses. Nutrition food has become very important today.

Vice Chancellor Prof KG Suresh said, awareness regarding right food is very important for the country. Several myths like non-vegetarian foods make stronger, prevail in the society and people are not aware of strength of vegetarian food. Prof Suresh said, communication gap between scientists and journalists should be bridged.

Artificial intelligence scientist Praful Krishna detailed Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats (GIST) and its objectives. He said, this programme is connecting all scientists and technocrats who work for the country. People working in education, agriculture, nutrition, implementable technologies have been connected.

Dr Rashmi Kulkarni said life style, genetics and environment have significant effect on our body. Aahar Kranti campaign has been launched to educate people about right food habit as it will increase health, age, cognitive ability, food processing industry. Training is being imparted to NGOs, teachers, society, families and students. Yellojirao Mirajkar said that awareness of health & better nutrition needs to reach every Indian. General Secretary of Vigyan Bharati Jayant Rao Sahastrabuddhe shed light on importance of food pattern and Aahar Kranti Abhiyan. Cell in-charge Dr Rakesh Kumar Pandey conducted the online webinar. Registrar Dr Pavitra Shrivastava proposed the vote of thanks.