Lots of opportunities in entertainment and film journalism – Prof. K. G. Suresh

Entertainment journalism encompasses more than just paparazzi and there is a lot to learn in this field – Prof. K.G. Suresh

Do journalism with honesty  – Preeti Jhangiani

Identify and follow the passion – Parvin Dabaas

Cinema celebrities in special session on entertainment journalism held  at Makhanlal University

Bhopal, 23 February, 2023: Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication in Bhopal organized a special session on entertainment journalism at its new Bisankhedi campus. Famous Bollywood actors Preeti Jhangiani and Parvin Dabaas were invited as chief guests in the programme.

Addressing the session, Prof. K.G. Suresh stated that the university is preparing aspiring cinema professionals. He emphasized that cinema is the field in which there are many opportunities. He also said that our city is a film-friendly place. 

Mohabbatein fame Preeti Jhangiani spoke about the importance of honesty and integrity in journalism, and advised media professionals to keep their passion for life and enjoy their work.

Popular actor, Parvin Dabaas said gossiping is not the correct way for film journalism. He highlighted that film journalism should not be done for the sake of likes and publicity, but rather with integrity. He said this is New India and it has the power, just identify the passion and follow it.

The speakers also answered questions of university students, with Parvin emphasizing that comedy is a serious business and that where there is a will, there is a way.They also stressed on the power and dignity of the media. Preety Jhangiani described the relationship between media and actors as delicate and incomplete without each other.

Along with Keshav Pandey (Senior Journalist), Arm Wrestler  Champion, Manish Kumar,  was also present in the programme as special guest.

Faculty and students from various universities in Bhopal, along with Makhanlal Chaturvedi University staff and students, attended the program. Prof. Pavitra Srivastava, HOD of the Department of Cinema Studies concluded the session with thanks to everyone for their participation in the event.