Bharat–U.S. will work together to protect their shared values of Democracy, Pluralism and Diversity: Prof. Dr. K.G. Suresh

Dive deeper; don’t run after catchy headlines: Mike Hankey, U.S. Consul General

Bharat –U.S. can collaborate to build a defense mechanism that harnesses the transformative power of AI without compromising societal well-being: Mike Hankey, U.S. Consul General

Bhopal, 12th February, 2024: The U.S. Counsel General, Mr. Mike Hankey visited Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication and interacted with the leadership team of the university on a wide range of initiatives including opportunities for student and faculty exchange programs, research collaboration and avenues for higher education in the US. The U.S. Consul also spoke about the risks of AI generated media , the challenges that need to be addressed and how Bharat –U.S. can collaborate to build a defense mechanism that harnesses the transformative power of AI without compromising societal well-being. He also said that while this technology has useful applications, it also raises concerns when used in disinformation campaigns and for other malicious purposes and for spreading false narratives and manipulated content that can have negative implications. The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. K.G. Suresh said that the Bharat U.S. strategic relationship is founded on shared values including a commitment to democracy and upholding the rules-based international system and both the countries have shared interests in promoting global security, stability and economic prosperity through trade, investment and connectivity. He urged media both in India and U.S. focuses more on these shared values than on the differences.

The U.S. Counsel General also had an interactive session with the students on the theme “Shaping the narrative- the role of media in Bharat U.S. relations”. While addressing the students he said that though the constitution of both the countries differ in terminologies but it also shares the basic structure. Stressing on the role of media he highlighted that media has a responsibility of holding leaders accountable and also in helping people, asking questions and making people aware of the different perspectives.

He also underlined the fact that difference of opinion is necessary and this is something that shapes our individuality and asserted that what we lack today is a single platform where everyone can come together. Advising the media students he urged them to dive deeper into the facts by doing thorough research. He also requested them to not run after catchy headlines but to go after broader investigations for their stories. He also highlighted role of the Indian Diaspora in his address by calling it as diverse as the people of the country.

Registrar Dr. Avinash Bajpai, Dean Academics Professor P Sasikala, Dean Student Welfare Professor Manish Maheshwari, Director Weather Station, Ravi Mohan Sharma, Coordinator of the event Dr. Garima Patel, Dr. Jaya Surjani, Head of the departments, Director Radio Karamveer and senior faculty members and students were also present in the session.