Criterion 5 – Student Support and Progression

5.4 Alumni Engagement

5.4.1 Alumni contribution during the last five years to the University through registered Alumni Association.

Response: 0 Total Amount of alumni contribution during the last five years (INR in lakhs) to the institution year wise through registered Alumni association:

2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
0 0 0 0


5.4.2 Alumni contributes and engages significantly to the development of institution through academic and other support system
Describe the alumni contributions and engagements within a maximum of 500 words


The University’s journey over the past three decades has seen the emergence of a vibrant alumni community. Many students have taken on significant roles and achieved new heights in the fields of media (Newspaper, Magazine, TV, Radio, Films etc.), Public Relations, communication technology, management, computer science, and information science. In addition to being associated with prestigious institutions in India and abroad, students have also established their own institutions. The achievements of erstwhile students are a matter of great pride for the university. Purva Chhatra Prakoshth (Alumni Cell) has been established. Its primary objective is to establish and maintain a buzzing network of alumni who are actively engaged with the institution. This network serves as an invaluable resource for the University, providing guidance to current students.

Through various initiatives and programs, the Alumni Cell facilitates meaningful interactions between alumni and students, fostering a larger, and more diverse community. It serves as a bridge that connects the past, present, and future of the institution, ensuring that the legacy of excellence and achievement is carried forward.

Alumni are developing active and productive relationships with the faculty of their departments. They help current students in their area of expertise, whenever they can, wherever they are. It is because of this involvement that the university’s departments continue to receive internships and full-time professional information. Alumni are also invited to join mentorship programmes, panel discussions and give guest lectures. They also come to share their professional experiences by joining hands with various departments. In this series, Dialogue with Seniors is an important program initiated by the university to familiarize new students with the creativity of alumni, and their creations. For instance, alumni book launches are held on the university campus. Books based on the experiences and achievements of alumni have also been published. All these activities create a strong bond between former and current students as well as nourish the growth of the institution.

There are constant changes in media and allied fields. There has been a tradition of consulting alumni on these subjects from time to time. This is very important for the dynamic development of the curriculum. The cell plays a crucial role in alumni outreach. It regularly communicates with alumni through social media and other channels, keeping them informed about the latest developments at the institution and encouraging their participation in the institution’s activities. A key function of the Alumni Cell is to organize reunions and events that bring together students from different batches and courses. These events provide an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater, reminisce about their time at the institution, and share their experiences with current students.

In conclusion, the Alumni Cell of University plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between the institution and its alumni, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty among former students, and contributing to the overall development and growth of the institution.