Criterion 3- Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1 Promotion of Research and Facilities:

3.1.1 The institution’s Research facilities are frequently updated and there are well defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented

Response: National Education Policy (NEP) provides framework all academic institutions to perform threefold activity which includes Teaching, Research and Extension. Research happens to be one of the pioneer aspects of academic activities which help the institution to achieve excellence in the field of education. It also includes the quality of learning and knowledge development. Research and developmental activities helps to create and disseminates new avenues in knowledge, promotes innovation and these will motivate better learning and teaching among faculties and Research scholars, students of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication Bhopal. University is committed to understand upcoming paradigm shift of mass communication and its convergence dimensions with technology in academia, social and  policies/regulations. University is also committed to society for excellence in teaching, Research and innovations. To accomplish university mission and vision, University provides intellectually inspiring, academically challenging and supportive environment conducive to personal growth by engaging in research and innovations and leading-edge research within Mass Communication, Computer Science, Library Science and Media Management disciplines. This Research Policy forms the basics of the research ethics of the university and is implemented in all the disciplines i.e. Mass Communication Computer Science, Library Sciences and Media Management and it serve as the guidelines for the functioning of the RAC and DRC bodies of the University. Makhanlal Chaturvedi University Research policy will apply to all researchers and research related activities in the university. 

All fulltime, regular, contractual, probationary faculty members and adjunct professors who are actively engaged in research and teaching in university.

All students registered in University for academic sessions.

All Research supervisors, co-supervisors, external experts, mentors and sponsors associated with any of the research activities with university.

Academic and administrative departments and associated training institutes/partners of university.

The University is committed to promote the quality research in various programmes offered by the university at different levels.

i) Under-Graduate (NEP)
ii) Post-Graduate
iii) Doctoral (Ph.D)
iv) Research Chairs

The University is committed in its pursuit of excellence in Research & Development and aims to accomplish various research programs and initiatives across the wide spectrum of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary streams. Integrity, accountability and responsibility in conducting academic research form the significant part of any academic Institution/University. Violations of academically –recognized bodies as UGC, ICSSR, AICTE will be unethical.

  • Research ethics academic integrity and research standards by UGC are adapted.

Academic-integrity-Regulation 2018:

Research consultancy of university will exist whenever any regular faculty of university delivers knowledge and Research/ professional skills in exchange for funds from external organization. Consultancy will be for sharing knowledge /Expertise /Skill /Production from university to external organizations and Business houses. University will encourage faculties for knowledge sharing in consultancy. Under the consultancy policy university will adopt and implement UGC guidelines proposed for establishing University –Industry Inter Linkage center as per UGC guidelines Taking these into considerations, Makhanlal Chaturvedi University framed and implemented its Research Policy.

3.1.2 The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research (average per year).

Response: 0.11 Amount of seed money provided by institution to its teachers for research year wise during last five years (INR in lakhs).

2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
0 0.56600 0 0 0


3.1.3 Percentage of teachers receiving national/international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/research during the last five years.

Response: 0.66 Number of teachers who received national/ international fellowship/financial support from various agencies, for advanced studies / research; year-wise during the last five years.

Response: 1

3.1.4 Percentage of JRFs, SRFs among the enrolled PhD scholars in the institution during the last five years.

Response: 1.79 The Number of JRFs, SRFs among the enrolled PhD scholars in the institution during the last five years.

Response: 01 Number of PhD Scholars enrolled during last five years

Response: 56