Criterion 5 – Student Support and Progression

5.1 Student Support

5.1.1 Percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution, government and non-government bodies, industries, individuals, philanthropists during the last five years.

Response: 18.21 Number of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the institution, Government and (NGOs)non-government bodies, industries, individuals, philanthropists year-wise during the last five years. 

2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
289 415 206 177 241


5.1.2 Efforts taken by the institution to provide career counselling including e-counselling and guidance for competitive examinations during the last five years.


Efforts in Career Counselling and Guidance at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication (MCNUJC)*

Over the past five years, MCNUJC has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to providing comprehensive career Counselling and guidance to its students, leveraging both traditional and innovative approaches. Recognizing the evolving needs of students in today’s competitive landscape, the institution has implemented various initiatives to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their career paths effectively.

1. Establishment of Career Counseling Centers:

MCNUJC has established dedicated career counseling centers across its campuses, equipped with trained professionals and resources to assist students in making informed career decisions. These centers serve as focal points for students seeking guidance and support regarding their career aspirations.

2. Personalized Counseling Sessions:

The university conducts personalized counseling sessions for individual students, wherein experienced counselors assess students’ strengths, interests, and aspirations to provide tailored guidance. These sessions’ help students explore different career options and develop personalized career plans.

3. Workshops and Seminars:

MCNUJC organizes regular workshops and seminars on career-related topics, inviting industry experts, alumni, and professionals to share insights and experiences with students. These events cover a wide range of subjects; including resume building, interview preparation, entrepreneurship, and industry trends, equipping students with practical knowledge and skills.

4. Guest Lectures by Experts:

The University invites renowned experts from various fields to deliver guest lectures on career opportunities and industry insights. These sessions provide students with valuable perspectives and real world experiences, inspiring them to explore diverse career paths and opportunities.

5. Career Fairs and Recruitment Drives:

MCNUJC hosts annual career fairs and recruitment drives, inviting leading companies and organizations to interact with students and offer employment opportunities. These events serve as platforms for students to network with industry professionals, explore job prospects, and secure internships or placements.

6. Integration of E-Counseling Platforms:

Recognizing the importance of digital platforms in career counseling, MCNUJC has integrated ecounseling facilities into its counseling centers. Students have access to online resources, career assessment tools, and virtual counseling sessions, providing flexibility and convenience in seeking guidance.

7. Guidance for Competitive Examinations:

MCNUJC offers specialized guidance and coaching for competitive examinations, including civil services, state-level examinations, and entrance tests for higher education. Experienced faculty members and subject matter experts provide comprehensive study materials, mock tests, and personalized coaching to help students excel in these examinations.

8. Alumni Mentorship Programs:

The university facilitates alumni mentorship programs, wherein successful alumni mentor current students, offering guidance, advice, and career insights. These mentorship relationships foster a sense of community and provide students with valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.

In conclusion, MCNUJC’s efforts in career counseling and guidance over the past five years reflect its Commitment to nurturing the holistic development of students and preparing them for successful careers in diverse fields. By leveraging a combination of traditional counseling methods and innovative e-counseling platforms, the institution equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate their career journeys effectively.

5.1.3 Following capacity development and skills enhancement activities are organised for improving students’ capability

  1. Soft skills
  2. Language and communication skills
  3. Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene, self-employment and entrepreneurial skills)
  4. Awareness of trends in technology

Response: A. All of the above

5.1.4 The institution adopts the following for redressal of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases

  1. Implementation of guidelines of statutory/regulatory bodies
  2. Organisation wide awareness and undertakings on policies with zero tolerance
  3. Mechanisms for submission of online/offline students’ grievances
  4. Timely redressal of the grievances through appropriate committees

Response: A. All of the above