Criterion 7 – Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.2 Best Practices

7.2.1 Describe two best practices successfully implemented as per NAAC format provided in the Manual.


Best Practice 1: “Harmony Hub: A Tapestry of Inclusive Community Engagement”

Title of Practice: “Harmony Waves” Fostering Community Engagement through Radio, NSS, NCC, and Beyond.

2. Objectives:

To create a cohesive and inclusive environment by leveraging the combined impact of Radio, NSS, NCC, and other community engagement initiatives. To strengthen the bond between the institution and local communities, promoting mutual understanding, collaboration, and shared development. To empower students and community members alike through a harmonious blend of informative, cultural, and service oriented programs.

3. Context:

“Harmony Waves” encapsulates the multifaceted approach of University towards community engagement through of Radio, NSS, NCC, that extends beyond institutional boundaries.

4. Practice:

University integrates various elements, including Radio Karmveer, NSS, NCC, and other community engagement practices under the umbrella of “Harmony Waves.”

5. Evidences of Success as Outcomes:

Increased community participation in educational initiatives, health campaigns, and cultural showcases broadcasted through “Harmony Waves.” Positive feedback and active involvement of community members in radio programs, NSS, NCC. Tangible improvements in community wellbeing, .

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Challenges: Coordination among diverse initiatives, occasional technical issues, and the need for sustained community interest.

Resources Required: Continuous financial support for equipment maintenance, training programs for community members.

7. Empowering Farmers: “Fields of Harmony”:

Facilitating farmer-centric discussions, addressing challenges, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices though radio program on market trends, and expert advice.

“Harmony Waves” Community Engagement Activities:

Radio Programs: “Meri Maati Mera Khet”

NSS and NCC: “Community Champions”

“Harmony Waves” symbolizes University commitment to creating a synergistic and inclusive community engagement model. University not only disseminates information and services but actively involves the community in shaping its own narrative.

Best Practice 2: “Beyond Borders – Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Education”

1. Title of Practice: “Beyond Borders – Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Education”

2. Objectives:

  • To extend the robust network of quality education partners in remote rural areas for providing media, and IT education in low fee.
  • To showcase the university’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and bridging the educational gap in underserved regions.

3. Context:

“Beyond Borders” emerges as a best practice to bring education to the doorsteps of those residing in remote areas, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to democratizing education.

4. Practice:

“Beyond Borders” leverages the collaboration between university and Society for delivery media and IT education in remote rural areas. This initiative is a testament to MCNUJC’s dedication to making education accessible to all, breaking geographical barriers.

5. Evidences of Success as Outcomes:

Increased enrollment in remote areas, indicating the success of the “Beyond Borders” initiative in making education more accessible. Positive feedback from students and communities, highlighting the impact of the program on their educational opportunities and aspirations.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Challenges: Addressing infrastructural limitations in remote areas, ensuring continuous network connectivity, and adapting to diverse educational needs.

Resources Required: University has active collaborations with local communities, industries, NGO’s for imparting training to educators for adapting online digital education. It provides financial support to the university for developing and maintaining infrastructure.

“Beyond Borders – Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Education” is a best practice that epitomizes MCNUJC’s commitment to providing quality education beyond geographical constraints. University ensures that education becomes a catalyst for positive change in the lives of remote and underprivileged.