Best Practices:

University is working with obligations and accountability of their values and duties on the Inclusive Community Engagement and Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Education as best practices of University.

Best Practice 1:

Harmony Hub: A Tapestry of Inclusive Community Engagement through Radio, NSS, NCC, and Beyond “Harmony Waves” encapsulates the multifaceted approach of Makhanlal University towards community engagement. It recognizes the synergistic potential of Community Radio, NSS, NCC, and various other initiatives in creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond institutional boundaries. The institution integrates various elements, including Radio Karmveer, NSS, NCC, and other community engagement practices under the umbrella of “Harmony Waves.” This initiative weaves together a diverse tapestry of programming, services, and activities that actively involve students, faculty, and community members, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. University Radio Karmveer has developed dedicated farmer-related programs providing agricultural insights, market trends, and expert advice. It includes the facilitating farmer-centric discussions, addressing challenges, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Best Practice 2:

“Beyond Borders– Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Education” University recognizes the digital disparities in rural education. “Beyond Borders” emerges as a best practice to bring education to the doorsteps of those residing in remote areas, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to democratizing education.