Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges (SWOC):

Institutional Strength:

  • University is the first academic centre of excellence in the entire Asian sub-continent where professionals are developed in Communication, Media, and IT disciplines through traditional and modern methods of communication relevant to the current media needs.
  • The University is also recognised U/S 2(f) and U/S12(B) of UGC Act 1956. University has a National outlook & direction towards empowering students. University is serving the society and community through the several thematic and Unique activities of Karmveer Community Radio Station, NCC and NSS Unites. University has excellent environment for students to learn and earn with well defined scheme and syllabus along with Academic Bank Credit Facility.
  • The Main Campus has twelve academic departments with ICT-enabled Smart Classrooms for delivery of Collaborative, & Competitive, Outcome based education, experiential learning and advanced research:
    • Department of Journalism
    • Department of Electronic Media
    • Department of New Media Technology
    • Department of Indian Languages
    • Department of Communication Research
    • Department of Computer Science And Applications
    • Department of Advertisement And Public Relations
    • Department of Cinema and Film Studies
    • Department of Media Management
    • Department of Mass Communication
    • Department of Library And Information Science
    • Department Evening/Part-Time Programmes
  • University main campus has also seven (07) Research Centers (Shodhpeeths) to carry out advanced research in media and IT to develop the Indian Knowledge System of Communication (IKSC):
    • Dada Saheb Aapte Shodhpeeth
    • Padini Shodhpeeth
    • Bharat Muni Shodhpeeth
    • Patanjali Shodhpeeth
    • Naradmuni Shodhpeeth
    • Swami Vivekanand Shodhpeeth
    • Mahrishi Arvind Shodhpeeth
  • University main campus has NCC battalion & NSS wing.
  • University also provides the financial assistance to faculty members for carrying out the research, participation in faculty development programmes, professional development programme sand incentives for research.
  • University has integrated feedback of stakeholders in the development of the curriculum. University also offers Fully functional CBCS across programmes and NEP based UG programmes.
  • University has implemented National Education Policy (NEP) in Undergraduate programmes with Multi- Entry and Multi-Exit and Academic NCC as generic elective subjects in all under graduate programmes.
  • University has separate hostel facility for boys and girls with all essential facilities. Each hostel has independent mess, entertainment, gym and recreation facility with air-cooled rooms.

Institutional Weakness:

  • University main campus is 20KM far from Rani Kamala Pati Railway Station and currently, public transport facility is not available.
  • University is not receiving any grant from UGC New Delhi /Central/State Government.
  • University is applying for NAAC recognition.
  • Bhopal does not have many big industries, MNCs and media houses therefore the opportunities for industrial exposure are limited.

Institutional Opportunity:

Though the University attained the height of growth, still there is enough space of opportunity to excel the strengths, details of few them are are as follows:

  • Leverage on strong alumni and corporate network to enhance quality of placements globally.
  • Collaboration with Government of India by providing expertise for different national missions.
  • More International MoUs for enhancing joint and collaborative research.
  • Collaboration with industry to raise funds through consultancy.
  • Providing international exposure to faculty and students for Enhancement of research impact for rural upliftment and societal development.

Institutional Challenge:

The following the pointer are prime Challenges for University, details of few them are are as follows:

  • Fast changing in Usage of technology and adoption of pedagogical innovations.
  • Keeping pace with global developments in higher education and research.
  • Fully Automation of University works.
  • Matching international standards while maintaining the requirements/norms of national.
  • Statutory/regulatory bodies.
  • Attracting quality top ranking students of CUET to the University.
  • Creating more entrepreneurs.
  • University is not receiving funds from UGC/Central/State Government, which is adversely affecting the attempts to continuously raise research quality to national and international levels.