‘Decline in credibility of TV new media is a cause of concern’

Television news anchor Naghma Sahar on ‘Future of Television News’ in ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’, online lecture series of MCU

Litterateur Indira Dangi to address online lecture series today

Bhopal, 19th June, 2020: Prominent television news anchor Naghma Sahar said credibility of Television news media has been declining. Television news is viewed with doubts today. Media Groups should take measures to tackle the problem. The importance of virtual sets has increased in television media coverage during Covid 19 crisis. Work from home has been made possible.

Addressing online lecture series on ‘Future of TV news’ Naghma said that we should discuss the present to know the future. Television news is changing continuously. Many mediums are available to get news today. Mobile technology has sped up the source of news in many folds. New media has become major competitor of television media. Despite that, television media is a major source of information in rural area and small towns. Television can be considered a people’s medium. TV has its reach to 850 million people in India. 250 million people watch television daily and this figure touched 400 million during cricket match or other major events that’s why TV is considered more powerful than other medium of news.

She said that TV news is more powerful because you watch pictures and listen news round the clock and news are repeated. This medium is more effective to build public opinion. It can change public sentiments. Electronic media can be used socially culturally and politically.

Broadcasting technology has changed a lot after Asian Games. Many channels come up and after arrival of private channels, it has changed thoroughly. Sharing her experience of reporting and anchoring, she said, a reporter should be neutral and fair and present analysis of news without going in haste. Technology will reduce the number of television crew in coming days and coverage will be easier. More people are watching television on mobile than on television sets.

Litterateur Smt Indira Dangi to address online lecture series today

Litterateur Smt Indira Dangi will address the online lecture series ‘Stree Sakti Samvad’ today on June 20 on ‘Creative Writing’. The lecture will be live on Facebook at 4 pm.

The link is – https://www.facebook.com/mcnujc91