Talent, study and practice are keys for successful writer

Noted writer Sushri Indira Dangi in online lecture series ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’ on creative writing

Bhopal, 20th June, 2020: Noted litterateur Sushri Indira Dangi said that there are three things which make a writer successful – talent, study and practice. Those who have the skills can become good and successful. Originality and novelty are very necessary and without them, a writer cannot continue for long time. Readers and society always want new ideas and creations.

Sushri Dangi shared tips with students on writing skills in the online lecture series ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’, organised by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication today in the session on ‘Creative Writing’. She also highlighted challenges in the field.

Pointing out a need to have good language ability, she said that one must have good understanding of dialect and proverbs. Writer should embrace with the subject on which he or she is writing. As an individual, a writer is limited but his or her area is larger socially.

She said that no writer is perfect and he or she learns throughout the life and sharpens skills. One should not hesitate in beginning of writing. Everyone has writing ability but efforts are needed to improve it. One should start writing without hesitation and if you write again and again, your writing skills will be improved.

One should listen his own voice for good writing and work what you like the most. Originality is essence and it is also talent. Maintain your originality to make career. What is new in literature is popular.

Scope of commercial writing is growing but road to this, passes through literature. It is not  and effective meaningful without literature.

Dr Vartika Nanda to deliver lecture on ‘Jail and Media’ today

Head of Journalism Department of Lady Shriram College, Delhi, and founder of Tinka-Tinka, Dr Vartika Nanda will address the online lecture series on June 21, at 4 pm on ‘Jail and Media’. She has done exemplary work on jail inmates. The lecture will be live on Facebook.