Amongst the South Asian nations, India utilised the power of Digital Media in its best form to fight against COVID. G. Sumansekra

There is no demand of the non-credible Chinese vaccine, trust is required in business- Prof. KG Suresh

In international webinar, ‘Innovative business practices in digital Era’ in all 44 research papers were presented

Renowned academic experts from USA, Dubai Sri Lanka and Nepal were a part of the conference

Bhopal, 30th December, 2020: Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication organised a three day  international conference on “Innovative practices in digital era” from 28-30 December 2020. all 44 research papers were presented on various topics in the conference.

Addressing the valedictory session of the conference, the president of Colombo chambers of commerce G. Sumansekara said in spite of the covid-19 pandemic, with the help of digital media, the South Asian countries made people aware of the same and in order to control the pandemic the efforts of India have been commendable. Shri Sumansekra also expressed that in the crisis during pandemic, we should direct or activities according to mother nature.

In the valedictory session professor Prosper Bernard from University of cubic, Canada expressed his views on digital media in his research paper. He said that in the present context we may use artificial intelligence through digital media to boost up the otherwise in gloom, the commercial sector. Professor Bernard further discussed about academic system during pandemic. He said that digital media can bring about positive changes during covid. Further, Healthcare professional dr swadeep Srivastava said that during the pandemic period digital media has become a tool for Healthcare professionals and the same must be followed by other sectors too.

The valedictory session was headed by vice chancellor professor KG Suresh. He stressed on the credibility aspect of business and commerce. he said that the covid-19 vaccine invented by China is far behind or no one is actually relying upon the same, because credibility, reliability is highly demanded in the business sector. Trade and commerce demand transparency. Professor Suresh also promise that whatever points have been discussed during the conference, the university will try to incorporate them in its activities.

The three day international conference organised by the media management department of the university was inaugurated by none other than the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan. renowned academic experts from USA, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Nepal participated in the conference. they made it a huge success.

In all 7 technical sessions were conducted in which 44 research papers were presented on the theme innovative business practices in the digital era. To guide the same the university had Dr Nirmal Mani adhikari from Nepal, Dr Aftab Ahmed from Dubai, Shri Vivek Rao from Canada Dr SR Das from IIM Indore, Dr u. holani from Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Shri Lakshman D Pant from Nepal Dr Timira Shukla from Delhi.

Chair person of the conference was Prof. Kanchan Bhatia, Convenor Dr Kapil R chandoriya and the co-convener was Dr Manisha Verma, assistant professor from the media management department.