Educational institutions should have concern for the society: Prof. K G Suresh

Bhopal, 06 January 2021. “Educational institutions should have concern for the society” said Prof. KG Suresh while addressing the FDP on ‘Public Health and Evidence based Reporting (Critical Appraisal Skill)’, organised by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal and UNICEF. Vice Chancellor, Prof. KG Suresh inaugurated the Faculty Development Programme on health communication. He said Media educational institutions should promote social empowerment activities. This programme aimed to sensitize media educators on health issues and reporting based on facts and evidences. He also emphasized on the challenges for mainstream media especially related to misinformation and disinformation being spread on Covid-19 vaccine.

The keynote speaker Sh. Sanjay Abhigyan said that in present time , Covid-19 is one of the major challenges and its vaccine is the only hope. For this purpose, information has to be communicated regularly to the masses that can further help in creating a positive environment in the society. Addressing the faculty members, he quoted that aspiring media professionals must understand that while working in health sector, they are writing for “life”. In the present ecosystem, the challenge is not just about the individual health but public health actually. It is very necessary that students who want to work in health journalism, they must have the knowledge of basic terminology of medical field. This will help them to understand the things with clarity and then they can communicate it in easy and simple language to the people. The resource person used various case studies related to misinformation and explained about evidence based reporting with the help of examples.

Eminent Journalist Sh. Pramod Joshi threw light on the significance of verification of data and information in media sector. He explained in detailed manner how media education fraternity can inculcate health related issues in curriculum. He also emphasized that a teacher must always be ready to learn new things, new techniques. Ms. Sonia Sarkar, Communication officer, UNICEF, said that these type of programmes can start bringing changes in society. She said it’s a challenge for media sector to provide authentic information to the masses as there are many threats , and there is a need to check and verify the evidences . Communication expert, Sh. Anil Gulati, said that media can play a very important rule in communicating positive stories to the masses. Evidence based reporting is essentially needed while writing for health related issues.

Dr. Manikanthan Nair welcomed the Chairperson Prof. KG Suresh in the beginning of the programme. Faculty members, tutors, producers of Department of Journalism, Electronic media, Advertising and Public Relations, Communication research and Computer Application attended the programme. Sh. Lalbahadur Ojha compered the programme. Registrar Prof. Avinash Bajpai proposed the vote of thanks.