Vaccine is life saving: VC Prof KG Suresh

Health journalism is a major subject: Shri Pramod Joshi

Health Journalism is challenging subject: Shri Sanjay Dev

Students should write to save life: Shri Sanjay Abhigyan

Workshop on ‘Public Health and Evidence-Based Reporting’ organised by MCU and UNICEF

Bhopal, 15th January, 2021: Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Prof KG Suresh said today a lot of misinformation campaign is going on regarding Covid-19 vaccine. and media students have a responsibility to provide correct and accurate information to readers. Vaccine is life saving, he said.

Prof Suresh was addressing students’ workshop on ‘Public Health and Evidence-Based Reporting’ organised jointly by the university and UNICEF.

Prof Suresh described the arrival of vaccine as a historic event. University performs the task of think tank, apart from its duty of teaching-learning. Vaccine is the need of the hour. He said negative reporting was carried out during polio drive too. The function of journalism is also to make the public aware as well. A journalist should avoid fake contents in health reporting. Prof Suresh said next phase of this workshop will be held for photographers and journalists.

Senior journalist Shri Sanjay Abhigyan said journalism should always keep in mind that we should not confuse the readers. Senior journalist Shri Sanjay Dev said health reporting is a challenging task as it impacts life. He shared the tips on health reporting. Senior journalist Shri Pramod Joshi said health reporting is a serious and important aspect. We should cross-check facts and perform always evidence-based reporting in the largest interest of the society.

Senior assistant professor Shri LB Ojha conducted the programme. University Registrar Dr Avinash Bajpai, academic mentor Dr Manikanthan Nair, project coordinator Ankit Pandey, students of Department of Journalism, Department of Electronic Media, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Department of Communication Research and Department of New Media Technology were present in the workshop which was also streamed live on Facebook for the benefit of students of the Associated Studies Centres.